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Out Of Touch

Received yet another glossy mailer from Vicki Truitt today, it outlined basically her Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Theory I blogged about the other day.  If she believes that her campaign can consist of a few signs, a few glossy mailers and a weekly coffee stop, she will lose.

Today, two of her Challengers spoke at a Tea Party Rally in Ft. Worth, and even though Vicki Truitt is desperately trying to link herself with that group, she failed to even particiapte.  She claims in an interview that she hasn’t gotten one single negative phone call or email in her tenure, so why is she the most heavily challenged incumbent in the state? 

Talk about out of touch.


Truitt Blew It

Seems Giovanni’s signs all over Southlake, Keller and Colleyville really drew some attention with voters the last couple of days.  How do I know?  Yesterday this blog received the single most hits in its history, most of them being referred by a single Google Search Phrase.  Care to guess what that was?  Yup, Truitt Blew It. 

Welcome to all the new readers, and if you are wondering what the sign means, go to TruittBlewIt.com and then go vote for Giovanni for HD 98.

No, Your Constituents Weren’t For It

The Local Option looks to be dead, now we just need to get the chief proponent defeated in her re-election campaign:

Those seeking to impose higher gas taxes and fees have been dealt another blow. The Fort Worth Star Telegram and four other Texas dailies asked voters how the state should pay for more highway construction. TLOTA and raising the the gas tax, measures championed by Sen. John Carona and Rep. Vicki Truitt, received the lowest support.

Only 9.6 percent of those polled were in favor of TLOTA, the local option measure that failed to pass last session. In addition the poll showed that only 16 percent preferred a gas tax increase.

Drilling down into respondents from Tarrant, Parker and Johnson counties the local option polled even lower at 3.9 percent. Tarrant county is home to the House proponent of the local option measure Vicki Truitt who claimed throughout the session that the people of her district “wanted this.”

Maybe Rep. Truitt thought support for her bill was high because lobbyist Bill Miller of HillCo told her that was the case. A poll commissioned last year by HillCo showed support for the measure but highlights the fact that a poll can be conducted as a means to an end. The end in this case being artificial support for an unpopular measure. Bill Miller explains that they “walk each respondent through,” convincing them of the measures being polled as it is taken.

The new poll numbers could be an indication of why Rep. Truitt backpedaled last week when asked by the FWST if she would champion the measure once again. Tarrant county voters should not accept a “no comment” on this issue. Voters deserve a firm renunciation of these and similar measures from their elected officials who should seek first fiscally responsible measures to address funding transportation.

Here’s a link a to FWST story.

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Something occured to me today when I happened upon Vicki Truitt’s campaign website……after reading her manifesto, it seems to me that she and Hillary Clinton would get along famously.  I half expected Ms. Truitt to be accusing her opponents of belonging to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that haunted the Clintons through out the 90’s.

Think I’m blowing things out of proportion?

Never before have I ever witnessed such an ugly primary season in Tarrant County.  Many candidates, in my race and others, are slinging mud and making claims that range from ridiculously outrageous to deceitfully dishonest and mean-spirited.

Mean-spirited?  Is this politics or Curling?

And the individuals behind these libelous and slanderous attacks are being secretly funded by an extremist PAC in Austin, which receives most of its money from a millionaire in Midland, Texas who is trying to divert our regional road money from Northeast Tarrant County to Midland, Texas.

She got in the codewords learned from the Clintons….extremist….PAC….millionaire.  I half expected Richard Mellon Scaife’s name to be bandied about.

DFW Connector Toll Lanes

The DMN had an article about the Ribbon Cutting on the DFW Connector in Grapevine the other day…the key paragraphs as far as I’m concerned are these:

As a result, two toll lanes will be added in each direction along four miles, or most of the highway’s east-to-west stretch. Rates will fluctuate depending on traffic levels, but will generally be higher than the average rate charged on North Texas Tollway Authority roads.

Grapevine blogger Joe Thomas, who runs Grapevine TxOnline.com, criticized the inclusion of toll lanes during a discussion at dallasnews.com Wednesday.

“Why would we spend $1 billion … of our tax dollars only to add additional taxes in the form of toll lanes?” he wrote. “The people bearing the load of the tax will be residents in Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake and Keller who use these roadways every day.”

But others said tolls were simply a way of keeping up with America’s infrastructure needs.

State Rep. Vicki Truitt, R-Keller, reminded those in the crowd Wednesday that at every point along the new highway, drivers will be able to stay on free lanes.

I agree with my fellow blogger….why are there toll lanes included if it’s our Tax dollars going to build the Connector?

Vicki Truitt Complaining…..Again

From her Twitter account yesterday:

Campaigning hits new low in NE Tarrant Co. Opponent shows sophomoric behavior by personally attacking me on campaign signs. No class.

Campaigning hits new low by saying you Blew It?  Are you really that thin-skinned? 

If so, maybe a change of careers is what you need and just maybe the voters will see to it you don’t have to worry about getting “attacked”….

Falling on Her Sword

Time for her to fall on her sword on her way out the door.