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Be The First One On The Bus And Ready To Ride

One of the greatest songs ever.


Cuz You Can’t Hang Yourself If You Ain’t Got Enough Rope

Today was supposed to be the first scrimmage for your Keller Indians, but if you are looking outside you know the game has been cancelled due to weather.  If I know Coach Stramp, he will do everything in his power to get the game in this week, even if it means playing in a snowstorm.  I’ve heard good reports on this years baseball team which looks to be pitcher heavy and the worry will be scoring runs.

Saturday night I had a quandary of sorts.  I had tickets to go see Pat Green at Billy Bob’s but Chris Knight was in town at the Granada.  I ended up giving my tickets to Pat to my daughter while Shannon and I headed over to Dallas to see Chris Knight for the first time.  If you, like most people, haven’t heard Chris Knight’s music I highly recommend you take the time to listen to some of his stuff.  Very powerful to say the least.   

If you are wondering about the title to this post, it’s a classic line from Chris Knight’s “Enough Rope”.  The Chorus is as follows:

But I’m thankful for the things I have,
And all the things I don’t.
And I’ve got dreams that will come true,
I’ve got some that won’t.
Most the time I just walk the line wherever it goes.
‘Cuz you can’t hang yourself if you ain’t got enough rope.

Today is also the first day to file for office if you plan to run. 

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Music Quick Hits

Lots of shows coming to town that I want to go see, but will have to prioritize them as there is so many. 

Starting out next weekend Cory Morrow is back in town playing at the Granada on the 12th. 

The same night Stoney LaRue is at Billy Bob’s.

The weekend of the 18/19th at Billy Bob’s brings Randy Rogers Band and Cross Canadian Ragweed.  I have yet to see Randy Rogers and will be there if all the stars align.

Jack Ingram is at Billy Bob’s on the 2nd of January and Pat Green shows up on the 6th of February.  I’ll definately be at both of those shows.  Support your Texas Music scene by getting out and seeing a show.  You won’t be disappointed with any of the artists I’ve talked about in this post and as the cliche goes, tickets are currently on sale.

Randy Rogers Band singing a song that seems relevant.  The first few lines:

All the leaves have turned to rust
The air is getting thin 
I can see my breath
The night is rollin’ in
The skys grey it’s cold as a stone
It’s just the kind of day i cant stand to be alone

What I’m For

This song sums it pretty well

I’m for wildflowers in the window
Mechanics you can trust
I’m for crackers in my chili
And leavin’ grudges in the dust

I’m for drive thru order takers
Who can muster up a smile
I’m for takin’ in that stray dog
That’s been hangin’ ’round for awhile

I’m for turning off the TV
Gettin’ off the internet
I’m for learning all the words
To the Gettysburg Address

I’m for dusty pawn shop guitars
And boxers passed their prime
I’m for soakin’ up the wisdom
When an old man speaks his mind.

I’m for laid off factory workers
When the wolf is at the door
You don’t have to guess what I’m against
If you know what I’m for

I’m for Texas Margaritas
Gettin’ outta debt
I’m for havin’ faith in something
That hasn’t happened yet

For the shy kid in the corner
Afraid to ask the girl to dance
For the ex-con outta prison
Who just wants a second chance

For the inner city teacher
With her heart stuck in her throat
Can still see God in every child
And never gives up hope

I’m for dusty pawn shop guitars
And boxers passed their prime
I’m for soakin’ up the wisdom
When and old man speaks his mind

I’m for Detroit factory workers
When the wolf is at the door
You don’t have to guess what I’m against
If you know what I’m for

I’m counting all my blessings
When the wolf is at my door
You don’t have to ask what I’m against
You don’t have to guess what I’m against
You know what I’m for

Music Roundup

Haven’t had an all music post in a while and I’m burned out on Politics.  Watching WWII in HD on the History Channel has me feeling like all of this is so petty anyways.  They made a statement that in the summer of 1944 that 12,000 US troops were dying every month and the heavy fighting hadn’t even started yet.  Makes you think a little….

Two weeks ago we made the trip to Austin to see AC/DC at the Frank Erwin Center, my tenth time to see them, and probably my last.  Not that they didn’t put on a great show, they did, it’s just I don’t expect them to continue to tour into their 80’s .

Last Friday I got to go see Pat Green, for like my hundredth time and was able to swing tickets to see his preshow at the Hardrock where he put on a small accoustic set.  I will never tire of seeing him perform and the good news of the night was that he has left his record company.  How is that good news?  He will quit trying to sell records and go back to what he was famous for….making great music.  You can tell his ability to sell out any venue in Texas is waning, as the AAC wasn’t even half full Friday night for the Stampede and the Concert.  I think he sees the writing on the wall, go back to your roots.

Tomorrow night Cory Morrow is at Billy Bobs and again, either it’s the economy or the fact that Cory’s latest CD wasn’t up to snuff, but he announced the other day that they are selling two for one tickets for his show.  If you haven’t seen him, he’s well worth the price of admission.

On a final note, I’ve noticed that another Texas Country artist had one of his songs picked up by a Nashville act.  Kevin Fowler’s “Long Line of Losers” was covered by Montgomery Gentry and while they did a decent job of it the original version is better.  Kevin is also in town on the 10th of December playing at Hank’s in McKinney. 

The song has a little more truth to it for me than I care to admit.

Remembering We are Still at War

I think we have forgotten that we still have tens of thousands of soldiers still fighting on two fronts in the Middle East.  We go on with our lives without feeling the pain of actually being at war.  The evening news shows a 20 second clip of something every night, but the days of hours of coverage of what really is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan are over.  We worry more about our everyday lives than what is happening 5,000 miles away, it’s only natural.

Friday night I was reminded that we are still at war.  I went to go see Pat Green at the Texas Stampede and was able to go to his pre and post parties at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Earlier in the day I went to the Dallas National Cemetary to visit my son-in-law and granddaughter’s gravesite as I didn’t make it for Veterans Day earlier in the week and Maddie would have turned four today.  For those new to the blog, they were both tragically killed by a drunk driver nearly two years ago in Roanoke after leaving our house in Keller.  Josh had just gotten back from deployment and they were in the process of moving to Corpus when they were taken from us.

During the party at the Hard Rock before the show, I got to meet a young man by the name of Charles that flew up from El Paso to see the show.  A West Point Grad and a Captain in the Army, he is being deployed back to Iraq in a few weeks for his second time.  He told me the story (and showed me the scars) of getting “blown up” on his first tour, when his tank hit an IED.  He was fairly light hearted about it, but you could see that it affected him in a way that he couldn’t talk about.  After the show, he told Pat about the incident and told us that the tanks allow for the soldiers to plug their iPods into their communication head sets and at the time he was “blown up”, Carry On by Pat was playing at the time of the explosion.  Pat got a shocked look, but commented to Charles the same thing a lot of us had said through out the night, on his next trip over, keep your head down. 

Charles is the type of young man that makes you have confidence that this country will be just fine headed into the future.  When I told him about my visit to the cemetary earlier in the day, he told me that one of his soldiers was buried in the section right next to Josh and Madison.  He asked for the grave site number which he put into his Blackberry and promised to place flags on the grave every time he visited his buddy. 

I was able to get his email address and I will attempt to keep in touch with him during his deployment and we promised to get together to see Pat again we he got back from “the shit”.  Every time I hear Carry On from now on, I will say a quick prayer for Charles and all of our troops overseas.  Since it is one of my favorite Pat songs, it will become a regular part of my routine. 

Amazing Talent

There are people like my youngest brother Devin who can pick up a musical instrament and play it, and then there are people like me that can play the radio.

These two in this video belong in the amazing category: