100 Cups of Coffee

Country singer/songwriter Chris Knight has a song that starts out:

100 Cups of Coffee, 500 Cigarettes

1000 Miles of Highway and I ain’t forgot her yet

These last few days I’ve felt like the first lines of this song. I’m in Illinois trying to take care of some things for the return of my father from the Hospital, his third stay in a little over a week. His stroke has progressively gotten worse, to the point that Friday I was worried if I was going to make it to Illinois in time.

He’s in good spirits but will have a lot of physical therapy to complete before he can get back to normal. It is times like these that you realize how short life is, and I intend to take that to heart moving forward.

I have received some emails asking me if it is wise to back this petition effort on the TIF. My response is that I have nothing to lose. I have been a very outspoken critic of the TIF for nearly a decade, and to walk away from this latest effort that the City Council is undertaking would only show that I have no principles. The other side can run around calling me a nut job all they want……..how is that any different to Chicken Little?

I think I made my presentation to the Council in a very respectful manner, and when asked by Councilman Holmes to clarify items he had questions on, I did it in a manner that proves that I am very well versed in the issues regarding the Town Center TIF District.

Ten miles out of nashville, I was doing a hundred and one
State boy me over and he said, “Where’s the fire, son?”
He said, “Where’s the fire son?”
I said “Man, there ain’t no fire, I’m just running from a flame
Go on and write your ticket, but I ain’t the one to blame”
That county judge tried to rob me blind.

I sit in a state that hasn’t made a serious effort to cut the budget….ever.  They are bankrupt. The police aren’t there to protect and serve, but rather as revenue agents.  The Unions would rather see the state have to become the heaviest taxed in the nation rather than allow a cut.  The roads are in disrepair, they are closing parks, laying off 500 State Troopers, closing prisons…..all because they didn’t make the cuts they needed to make years ago.  And as much as I hate to say it, that could be us in a few years if we don’t make changes today.

So I rolled on down to Memphis,
I had nothin’ left to loose
Wanted to hear some rock n’ roll
But all they played was blues
I didn’t wanna hear no blues

So I went to call up Elvis
But Roger Miller grabbed the phone
He said drive that eighteen wheeler boy
You’re the king of the road
Said I was the king of the road

This is Gary Allan’s cover of Chris Knight’s song…..only thing I could find on YouTube.  Not near the rawness of the original version….my complaint about a lot of country music these days.  Over produced.


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