Mark Youngs Speaks

I ran into KISD Deputy Superintendent last night in the lobby of Town Hall while I was waiting to speak on the TIF issue.  I met Mr. Youngs after I wrote a pretty harsh Letter to the Editor back in September of 2008 and came away pretty impressed with the man.  The other day I asked Mr. Youngs for a breakdown of the reported $250,00o cost savings that he stated both to Keller P&Z and in a LTTE in the Citizen. 

Mr. Youngs sent a spreadsheet that detailed the savings and I promise I will add it to this post when I am in front of the computer it resides on.  There are some items that I would like to delve into in the spreadsheet that jumped out at me, but that is not the reason for this post.

After catching up with each other, I asked him point-blank if he thought KISD would go to an election to raise the tax rate.  His response was that he didn’t think so, that the school board knows the political reality that it would probably fail.  Mr. Youngs is not a life long educrat, he comes from the private sector and has a pretty good head on his shoulders.  He’ll tell you, he’s not a “school guy”, he’s a finance guy. 

He also stated that it looks like the district will have about an $8,000,000 shortfall, which he said would probably be made up by drawing down the fund balance and more budget cuts.  He also stated that a one time $8,000,000 shortfall isn’t a big deal, but the district has had multiple years of multi-million dollar shortfalls and it’s beginning to take it’s toll.  He gave an example of five trucks that the district owns that have over 100,000 miles on them that need to be replaced, one of which that will not pass inspection. 

As I have said in the past, I like Mr. Youngs, it is his boss that I don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling about.


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