What They Are Leaving Out

KISD to declare an emergency:

They forget to tell you that even though they knew this crisis was coming, they still gave everybody a raise last year, including a $20,000 raise to our Superintendent.  They also fail to tell you that they didn’t tout how they saved the budget last year with $8.6 million in Federal Stimulus Funds, a one time deal.  They also “found” the money for the raises by a real “Act of God”, literally…a Hail Storm where they passed on a roofing warranty for a one time payout.  When you do that, you still have to fund those raises in out years….and they claim to have all of these advanced degrees……
This “crisis” has been looming for years, but yet they now act as if they just found out about it.  Dig deep citizens of KISD, it’s going to be a very long and expensive year.

One response to “What They Are Leaving Out

  • Randy Leake

    Great article and comments Doug. You can’t have a financial crisis while you are giving out double digit raises at the same time . It will be interesting to see the spin and what develops thru this process. Our city leaders have a good grasped on what is going on in our community. I know you may disagree with me to what extent they are handling this but I feel they are doing a pretty darn good job managing this although there is always room for improvement. The school board and School Leaders should look at our city management first before they come to taxpayers asking for more money.

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