Counting Welfare Recipients

I received my first letter from the U.S. Census Bureau yesterday. Never mind the fact that they sent me a letter explaining that I’d soon be receiving a letter. It was the content of the letter that was shocking:

Your response is important. Results from the 2010 Census will be used to help each community get its fair share of government funds for highways, schools, health facilities, and many other programs you and your neighbors need. Without a complete, accurate census, your community may not receive its fair share.

Before I get to what’s in the letter, let’s discuss what’s NOT in the letter. No mention is made of the Census’s sole Constitutional purpose: the enumeration of citizens for congressional representation.

What IS in the letter insults me, and should insult any thoughtful, freedom-loving American. It is implicitly assumed that not only is it proper for the federal government to provide highways, schools and health facilities, we are presumed to need these and other programs. As if our state and local governments could not possibly provide them.

Well Mr. Census Bureaucrat, we don’t need your welfare. What we need is fair representation in Congress. And freedom, from statists like you.


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