Everything Comes Into View

Over the past two months I have debated with myself whether I wanted to run for office this cycle.  The School Board is in need of a shakeup, to say the least, and the City Council looks like they are going to refinance the TIF yet again and quite possibly implement sales taxes on our utility bills.  Neither body seems to be willing to cut their budgets without first going to the taxpayers for every last dime they have.  I have always stated that once usually good citizens get elected, they tend to get Stockhold Syndrome, whereby they tend to defend the staff of the organizations they represent rather than the citizens that elected them.  In the school district’s case, it seems the employees of the district also control the ballot boxes with such dismal turnout at the polls from taxpaying citizens.

To be honest, I don’t think I have the temperment for the School Board and what little expertise I do have is more suited for the City.  As of last night, nobody had filed against any incumbent at City Hall, and a campaign on my part would only cost the City and cost my family which is struggling in this economy.  Shannon has been unemployed, except for a 90-day stint, for the past 13 months and my business is off over 60% and cutbacks on our salaries would make a public sector employee’s head spin.  When your income has been cut by over 70%, the last thing a responsible person should do is invest money into an election.  I was generously offered a fully financed campaign by one of our readers, and while it was tempting, I just couldn’t get around how that would look, and the fact remains that I need to spend more time trying to get work that pays my bills.

My term on P&Z expires in November and the tea leaves tell me that getting appointed to another term will be as likely as Vicki Truitt walking away from a Public Option Tax Increase.  I will spend this year giving my opinions on the happenings around the City and the School District and use the blog as a sort of therapy to keep from going crazy as the governmental bodies either raise taxes or delay paying off debt so they don’t have to make the hard decisions of budget cuts. 

As Bon Scott said…..”It was one of those nights when you turn out the lights, and everything comes into view….”


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  • WRC

    So, to see another example of how the city of Keller works (or doesn’t), watch Channel 11 news tonight (3/5) at 6. They will have a story on the large unauthorized and extremely dangerous work going on at a private residence on Randoll Mill Rd. The City staff is apparently too busy working on their library project to worry about the citizens’ safety.

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