Moving on from Vicki Truitt 24/7

Can you say I’m disappointed in the fact that Ms. Truitt was re-elected?  Yes, but I knew going in this was going to be a David versus Goliath and it did turn out that way.  Truitt outspent her opponents on the order of 10 or 15 to one. We can only hope that her getting 52% of the vote has to be a wake up call to her, only time will tell.  Congrats to her for pulling it out in the end.

In the process, I was able to meet some very nice people, one of them being Giovanni.  I am sure his wife and kids are glad to have him home again after six months of battling every night, walking precincts and making phone calls.  It is a tough business.

Last night on Channel 8, Bud Kennedy has a snarky line about how the Tea Party movement was more of a watered down Kool-Aid.  While the movement didn’t get very many people elected, other than a few precinct chairs, it is still in its infancy.

Here is a breakdown of the Keller Precincts and how they voted when it came to Vicki Truitt.


Precinct Truitt Total Votes Percentage
3040 121 214 56.54%
3054 176 345 51.01%
3072 178 369 48.24%
3286 179 312 57.37%
3365 199 351 56.70%
3386 235 541 43.44%
3392 153 278 55.04%
3422 214 442 48.42%
3471 123 230 53.48%
3554 186 340 54.71%
3579 66 114 57.89%
3580 0 0 0.00%
3626 23 38 60.53%
  1853 3574 51.85%


It appears that the largest precincts in Keller were the ones that tended to vote against Truitt.  That could have been for many different reasons….did Giovanni have poll workers at those locations?  (I know he did at the Methodist Church).  All in all, Keller voted for Truitt at nearly identical percentages as the rest of HD 98.


One response to “Moving on from Vicki Truitt 24/7

  • Giovanni

    3386 and 3422 were precincts handled by Sara Legvold and Brenda White, two hard working, super smart supporters. The next closest one was one where Marie Howard was running for Precinct chair. Marie is incredible.

    Every vote I received was a direct result of friends and supporters. Thank you everyone.


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