October Surprise

From LNO:

October Surprise:   The surprise is on Mrs. Truitt.  Although she pays her consultants well, they have failed her.  They told her that she didn’t have to have Tea Party principles in order to brandish the name on her postcards. They told her that the turnout would be small – to focus on targeted multipage mailers personally attacking her opponent.  Her hired hands were wrong on all counts.Meanwhile, anti-tax, anti-Truitt precinct chair candidates coalesced throughout the District.  Eight of the top ten precincts for voter turnout are affiliated with this movement.  The current State Rep. will soon see many of her allies become ex-Precinct chairs.   Her last minute mailers are an attempt to maintain some support in a runoff.  Too little, too late.

Many of the new precinct chair candidates got out the vote days ago using traditional methods of personal phone calls and knocking on doors.  Many of those seeking to oust the pro-Tax, pro-Truitt alliance have walked in the rain and the snow to get the votes.  Voters appreciate that effort more than the “Eppstein Special” (her consultant’s term for the overpriced, shiny, garbage bag fillers that they send to voters).  Turnout in District 98 will be one of the highest in Tarrant County because of the Tea Party’s grass root efforts.  I am happy to be part of it.  GOP voters in this District will vote for conservatives, not Republicans.

Giovanni Capriglione


6 responses to “October Surprise

  • Big Bob

    I would have to now say Vicki Truitt has gotten the last laugh here!!! She did it ALL wrong and still got 52% of the vote!!!

  • Jim Carson

    This is just a gut instinct, but I’d propose that the Truitt Blew It signs were a mistake. I never went to the website, and I’ll bet the vast majority of voters didn’t, either.

    And without media follow-up, that left voters with the sense of an unsubstantiated attack. I’m sure it was substantiated, but getting voters to pay attention and do research is very difficult.

  • Big Bob


    I think your summation is correct! I would also take it a step further, in front of the United Methodist church polling place on Johnson Rd, 8-10 Truitt Blew-it signs were positioned on the property. I think that only helped her gain votes as people walked in…sort of what you note above in leaving voters with the sense of an unsubstantiated attack.

  • Doug Miller

    The facts are different than your assumption Bob, if you look at Precinct 3386 that voted at Methodist Church, Truitt only garned 44% of the vote, versus 52% district wide.

    Those signs appeared to have helped….

  • Big Bob

    Hey Doug – – Her 44% at the Methodist Church still was the overwhelming favorite!!! So I would still make the assumption it helped her!

  • Randy Leake

    Everyone can slice and dice it any way you want. The facts remain the same. She ran a hard race and she should be congratulated. That said we still are represented by someone that supported to increase our gas tax, manditory health insurance for college students although tuition covers this thru college medical infirmary, and she supported toll roads without the citizens voting on this. I oppose each of these and will continue to do so.

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