Bud Kennedy Just Can’t Help Himself

Kennedy has a column in todays FWST about the “Texas Two Step”, the precinct meetings that happen after Tuesday night’s election.  The whole of his column has to do with the Tea Party movement and he has to throw in this line:

Republicans will debate how much Texas can legally defy the federal government through a legal technique called “nullification.”

(That’s not new. In 1956, Texas used an informal nullification to defy a federal court order and bar African-American children from the Mansfield schools.)

It’s his way of equating Republicans and Tea Party activists with racist separatists from our past.  Bud fails to mention that in 1956, those using nullification in Texas were his beloved Democrats.


3 responses to “Bud Kennedy Just Can’t Help Himself

  • Jay

    You have to admit, I sure don’t see any people of “color” at those tea parties

  • Doug Miller

    Jay, have you been to an event?

    Thought not….

  • Randy Leake

    I only see Americans at those events both in person and on TV. I don’t see people of any color but just hard working Americans who are tired of watching their children’s future being spent away and their hard earned tax dollars being wasted.

    If you are serious or even joking I think that is a stupid remark to make Jay. Our country’s future is at stake here. It really is.

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