Local News Only Report On Vicki Truitt Endorsements

From the comments:

LocalNewsOnly.com breaks story Truitt spends campaign funds to promote 11 Precinct Chair races against Tea Party candidates.

Including Mike Taylor of Colleyville who was barred from 2008 Senatoral Convention for fraudulently placing names on ballot..Taylor’ s support of new tax on utilities in Colleyville brought out large group and forced a 7 to 0 vote against

You can read the whole article here.  Pretty damning stuff.


One response to “Local News Only Report On Vicki Truitt Endorsements

  • LocalNewsOnly.com

    Truitt provides her response says ok to support Taylor even though she now can not deny she knows he was banned in 2008 because of his fraudulent activity…why?
    His Tea Party opponent does not support her.

    Truitt comments and LNO responses on LNO today.

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