Cindy Lotton Wants More Money

From her “Letter From the Board President:

KISD has worked diligently over the past two years to continue to provide an exceptional education for its students with the money it is provided. In 2008-09, the Board adopted a $4.9 million deficit budget in order to ensure that employees received a raise. The money came from the fund balance, the district’s savings account. This year, the Board directed the administration to bring a balanced budget, and that no deficit budget options would be adopted. District administrators had to make tough spending cuts in order to meet the request of the Board.  As you know, many cuts were made in the district’s operating budget of the district, including vehicle replacement, library books, reserve staff allocations, library books, adult travel and the high school scheduling options. District-wide individual campus budgets were also cut significantly.


Another possible solution is a Tax Ratification Election, or Rollback Election. Senate Bill 1024 has allowed districts to come to their voters for a tax increase of up to $0.13 per $100 valuation. This would raise the M&O tax rate in Keller ISD to $1.17, yielding approximately $13 million dollars in revenue for the next 2 to 3 years. This increase would cost the average KISD taxpayer $260 per year ($22 a month) on a $200,000 home.


No one has enjoyed the financial stress that school funding issues have placed on our district.  The Board has observed all levels of administration working diligently to provide the same level of educational opportunities for KISD students on less money every year. Everyone in the district is feeling the “pinch” of a tightened budget. But the question remains, “What can the community do about school funding problems?” Elected State Officials need to hear from you, the tax payers. Legislators need to understand that tax payers can no longer live with the current funding system to educate their children. 

I am fully aware that the present economy has been difficult for everyone. None of us are exempt from the pressure of trying to do more with less. The KISD Board of Trustees and administration are committed to delivering the best possible education for our students on the tax dollars we are given. 

Hopefully most people will read the highlighted part and then refuse to read any further from this “letter”.


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