Truitt Has No Comment

Funny how the Star Telegram does an article on the HD 98 race and three of the four candidates returned the reporters call and Vicki Truitt didn’t.

Think she’s running scared?

Accusations Fly Among GOP Rivals


2 responses to “Truitt Has No Comment

  • Randy Leake

    It appears she is Doug. Reminds me of all those democrats hiding this past August when they went home over the town hall meetings and health care. I am going to vote today.
    Any words of wisdom before I cast my vote in this race?

  • breaks story Truitt spends campaign funds to promote 11 Precinct Chair races against Tea Party candidates.

    Including Mike Taylor of Colleyville who was barred from 2008 Senatoral Convention for fraudulently placing names on ballot..Taylor’ s support of new tax on utilities in Colleyville brought out large group and forced a 7 to 0 vote against

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