Out Of Touch

Received yet another glossy mailer from Vicki Truitt today, it outlined basically her Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Theory I blogged about the other day.  If she believes that her campaign can consist of a few signs, a few glossy mailers and a weekly coffee stop, she will lose.

Today, two of her Challengers spoke at a Tea Party Rally in Ft. Worth, and even though Vicki Truitt is desperately trying to link herself with that group, she failed to even particiapte.  She claims in an interview that she hasn’t gotten one single negative phone call or email in her tenure, so why is she the most heavily challenged incumbent in the state? 

Talk about out of touch.


2 responses to “Out Of Touch

  • E.A. McKnight

    Why would anyone WANT to align themselves with the tea party morons? They are a group that has all of the patriotism of Tim McVeigh.

  • Ranger Mike

    Driving down Rufe Snow this morning (2/21)…. Funny that someone has knocked down all of the yellow TRUITT BLEW IT signs.

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