Truitt Blew It

Seems Giovanni’s signs all over Southlake, Keller and Colleyville really drew some attention with voters the last couple of days.  How do I know?  Yesterday this blog received the single most hits in its history, most of them being referred by a single Google Search Phrase.  Care to guess what that was?  Yup, Truitt Blew It. 

Welcome to all the new readers, and if you are wondering what the sign means, go to and then go vote for Giovanni for HD 98.


5 responses to “Truitt Blew It

  • Fred

    Hmmm…according to Truitt’s campaign mailers and robocalls, she “strongly supports tea party values.” LOL

  • j. corwin mills

    Giovanni kicks ass.
    Has anybody seen

  • Randy Leake

    Vicki Truitt must really think we are stupid people. I voted for her in every past election ( maybe I am stupid for voting for her in the past!!!). She now has a record of serving the people and she can’t even run on it. Her actions speak louder than her words. I am so disappointed on how she turned out to be especially in this past session. In my opinion she is truly is a tax and spend liberal. This is not the values of the Tea Party from what I have read of this movement. It truly is time for a change. I still don’t know who I will vote for but it will not be the incumbent.

    On another note though I am voting for Jim Truitt in his county race. He has a solid business background and truly demonstrates all the leadership qualities one would want from an elected official. We need more people like Jim in every level of elected government roles. He is one of the most ethical people you will ever meet.

  • Doug Miller

    I dont agree Randy. Ethical? Isn’t he the one that bought the Condo in Austin so he could then turn around and get his wife’s campaign to pay for it?

    He is also the same guy that made a statement that he’d punch anybody in the nose that said his wife was a RINO.

  • John

    Vote for John! That’s right me!
    I am the only one who can fix America!
    AMERICA needs a ENEMA!
    And I am the one to do it!
    I have no political organization!
    I have no religious affiliation!
    I have no big corporate affiliations!
    Just common sense! Logical thinking!
    So if you want crime gone lets start with both the Democrats and Republican partys!


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