Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Something occured to me today when I happened upon Vicki Truitt’s campaign website……after reading her manifesto, it seems to me that she and Hillary Clinton would get along famously.  I half expected Ms. Truitt to be accusing her opponents of belonging to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that haunted the Clintons through out the 90’s.

Think I’m blowing things out of proportion?

Never before have I ever witnessed such an ugly primary season in Tarrant County.  Many candidates, in my race and others, are slinging mud and making claims that range from ridiculously outrageous to deceitfully dishonest and mean-spirited.

Mean-spirited?  Is this politics or Curling?

And the individuals behind these libelous and slanderous attacks are being secretly funded by an extremist PAC in Austin, which receives most of its money from a millionaire in Midland, Texas who is trying to divert our regional road money from Northeast Tarrant County to Midland, Texas.

She got in the codewords learned from the Clintons….extremist….PAC….millionaire.  I half expected Richard Mellon Scaife’s name to be bandied about.


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