Texas Tribune on HD-98

Giovanni Capriglione says he was not recruited by an Austin lobbyist to run against state Rep. Vicki Truitt, did not campaign door-to-door with another candidate who is also challenging Truitt and did not try to get his name changed to get something that looks better on the ballot. And, he says, he didn’t have anything to do with that cemetery scandal outside of Chicago, either.

Truitt, R-Southlake, says she is not a tax-and-spend Republican who wants to raise state taxes to pay for roads, isn’t for unfunded state mandates and business regulation and that she is in tune with her district on those and other issues and hasn’t been in Austin so long that she’s gone native.


“It’s a little funny that people who never called my office are saying I’m out of touch. … I didn’t hear a word from them,” she says. “I’m a native and lifelong resident of this area. I don’t work for [special interests] — I work for the people here. … I just want to do my job and take care of my folks.”

Go read the whole thing.  And a question for Ms. Truitt…if you don’t work for special interests, maybe you should give back all those tens of thousands of dollars of PAC money…..


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