How Out of Whack Is Local Government Spending?

Just a few figures to throw out at you. 

In 2004 (Fiscal 2003-4) Keller spent $505 for every man, woman and child to fund its General Fund expenditures (Police/Fire/Public Works Employees/Administration/Parks and Rec/Etc)

In 2010 (Fiscal 2009-10) Keller is spending $694 for every man woman and child to fund those same expenditures.

Taking account for inflation using the inflation stats found at this website, if all we did was account for increase in population and accounted for inflation, we should be spending $590.  The rate at which the City of Keller’s Budget has grown is nearly twice the rate of inflation. 

When the guys down at City Hall claim that there can’t be any more cuts made and they have made all the cuts they can, they aren’t looking hard enough. 

Once the new Library opens up and I have access to budgets previous to 2004, I’m sure a simple look will show that the budgets have been growing like this for a very long time.  Take that data with the fact that the city also (by vote of the Citizens) increased sales taxes for Road Repairs and Police Protection during the last decade.  If you took those numbers into account, the growth is staggering.

*Note:  Population data was taken directly from the city budgets.  Only General Fund Expenditures were taken into account, no special programs, TIF District or other funds were used. 

I haven’t the stomach to even begin to start looking at KISD’s budgets over the same time period.

Think about it this way, should government grow faster than the added population and inflation?  And if so, by how much more? 

 At what point does the growth of the city’s budget arrive at the point of being unsustainable?


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