Giovanni Comes for a Visit

Giovanni Capriglione, candidate for House District 98 Republican Primary came by to visit tonight and to drop off a campaign sign for my yard.  We sat around and talked for over a half an hour about his campaign with my daughters and wife.  I was so impressed with Giovanni that we wrote him a check for his campaign. 

I offered whatever help I could to help defeat current incumbent Vicki Truitt – (R)INO and wish my economic situation was better the check could be much larger.  I encourage my readers to take a hard look at the issues in this election and support him in his effort.  You can go to his website and request a campaign sign for your yard, pledge a campaign donation or offer to volunteer for his campaign.  With the increased polling for Medina in the Governors race, an upstart like Givoanni stands a real chance at beating the RINO Truitt in three weeks. 

If nothing else, the momentum behind Giovanni will cause Truitt to spend some of her campaign cash on an actual campaign, instead of on rent for her condo in Austin.

I love his new campaign slogan  Truitt Blew It and the corresponding website.


3 responses to “Giovanni Comes for a Visit

  • Randy Leake

    Doug is there any polling out there for this race? I agree with your comments about this race and the upstart in the govenor’s race. This race is going to be close based on that poll and the straw vote from a few weeks ago.

  • Doug Miller

    The only polling I’ve heard is that Giovanni is within the margin of error of Truitt.

  • Randy Leake

    Thanks Doug, Vicki appears to be a liberal Democat in Republican’s clothing based on that video!!

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