Who Will Run This Spring?

The Keller Citizen states that all three City Councilmen will seak re-election and two of the three School Board Members.  Jason Wylie has decided not to run again. 

I wonder if anyone from the City of Keller will actually run for School Board?  I wonder if anybody will challenge the incumbants at City Hall?


2 responses to “Who Will Run This Spring?

  • B Miller

    There were 4 councilmen position on our ballot here in NW IL and they all ran unopposed.

  • LeaAnn

    All I know is that V is a farce of a SI. I wish KISD would hire someone with a little honesty behind them. The district is so screwed up and yet he remains. I have endured many of his speeches and each time I feel as though my ears are going to bleed. Such a phoney!

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