Goodbye 5-5A

The new UIL redistricting came out today and all of Keller Schools were moved out of 5-5A….seems kind of sad. 

Bad news for the Football team….Southlake is back in our district.

Bad news for the Baseball team…..Coppell will be in 7-5A.

Bad news for all teams….it will be much harder to make the playoffs.


Denton Guyer


Keller Central

Keller Fossil Ridge



Southlake Carroll

My guess is Denton Guyer goes away once Timberview gets the numbers for 5A.


12 responses to “Goodbye 5-5A

  • Big Bob

    For football, I think I would rather take my lumps with Southlake Carroll vs Trinity as Trinity has won the Class 5a Division 1 — 2 of the past 3 years! I just hate to have to pay to park at Dragon Stadium!

  • Doug Miller

    Southlake brings the heat in every sport that is played.

  • Randy Leake

    First let me say Big Bob if they charge us to park why aren’t we charging them to park as well? We should be!

    Secondly, I had rather have a root canal than to lose to Southlake at anything!!

  • Big Bob


    Dr. Russell T. Dix DDS will be expecting you! :>)

  • Big Bob

    By the way Randy, all these schools have hi tech scoreboards -and Southlake is getting their upgraded to stay ahead of everyone else – – well uh just about everyone else….. :>)

  • Doug

    There is nothing worse than sitting in the stands and having those smug bastards win….good thing the baseball team is .500 against SLC over the past half decade or so

  • Randy Leake

    Big Bob are you proposing a new bond election for a new stadium and scoreboard?

    Doug I couldn’t agree more. Baseball team will compete . It is the only boy’s program that wins on a consistent basis at Keller. He has done a great job!!

  • Cody Stovall

    Where is the faith boys? To be the best you need to take down the best!

    Our boys will soon find a way!

  • Big Bob

    No new stadium for me Randy! Keller football should play all road (away) games and we can get the benifits of all the opposing team’s smug stadiums at no cost – – well except SLC who charges for parking!

  • Randy Leake

    Question Big Bob. When was the last time Keller won a district championship in Football?

  • Big Bob


    Maybe back in 1958 when were were a 2A school………

  • Randy Leake

    Ok I didn’t know. We have lived here 20 years and of we did it had to be under Coach Sanders in the early to mid 90’s.

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