The Giovanni White Paper on Vicki Truitt

It’s a good read, go to

On another note, my mother called me the other day to say that my referencing Ms. Truitt at the “Former Rodeo Queen” was sexist…so I won’t do it anymore…even if she uses it on her campaign literature.


2 responses to “The Giovanni White Paper on Vicki Truitt

  • Jim Carson

    Your mother is wrong.

  • Thomas

    I can shed some light on HB 1084 in the white paper.

    The white paper gives the impression that Ms. Truitt carried the water for the beverage industry that is not the truth.

    The bill related to ultimate consumers, which is you and me, being able to order direct from out of state producers.

    Prior to the bill passing an individual could only receive one case of wine every 30 days, shipped directly to their home. The TABC, famous for their poor judgment the past few years, enforced this restriction.

    I saw this as an infringement on my right to order directly and visited Ms. Truitt’s office. I had never met her or contributed money to her. When I explained the issue she and her staff agreed with me and crafted a bill to change the law in Texas. I have to say this was a great response to a constituent request. I am no one special and I had my concern addressed by my state representative.

    If I remember correctly, all four industry groups were opposed to the bill at the March 11, 2009 hearing. Ms. Truitt made some changes to the bill and convinced the industry groups not to oppose the bill. That was against their own best interest to restrict free trade and force consumers to buy from retailers in state.

    I will reward Ms. Truitt with my vote this year. It is the least I can do.

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