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 Purpose of City Charter Update:

The City Charter is the document that establishes the powers and political organization of the municipal government and can be amended only by public vote. Keller’s charter was last modified in 1994. Since then, there have been new state laws that conflict with current charter provisions. The Council formed the City Charter Review Committee based on the belief that some provisions in the Charter may be creating inefficiencies in how the City operates. Over the next two months City Council will be working to form the charge of the committee prior to their commencing with the review.

Charter Review Committee:

The Charter Review Committee consists of seven committee members appointed by the City Council. City Staff will assist the Committee in assembling and compiling all information and reports necessary for the Committee’s work to progress.

The charter review is expected to begin in early 2010 and culminate with a list of recommended changes to the Council by mid-June 2010.

This Web page will be updated once the meeting dates and times are determined by the Committee. All meetings will be open work sessions, where the general public is invited to attend to listen and observe. Public input sessions will be incorporated into the review process for the Committee meetings and the City Council meetings.

Committee Members

Tom Cawthra
Mitch Holmes
Jim Thompson
Rick Mason
Gary Reaves
Robert Hill
Tom Soulsby

City Staff

Dan O’Leary
Sheila Stephens
Chris Fuller

Download Resolution No. 2911 (PDF)

Download the City of Keller Charter (PDF)

For questions and information about the City Charter Update, please contact:

Chris Fuller, Assistant City Manager
Phone: (817)743-4002 • Fax: (817)743-4195


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