Book Report

For my birthday my mother sent me a couple of books.  The first was SuperFreakonomics, the followup of the very popular Freakonomics.  Both books are very fast reads and I recommend them.  As with anything to do with stats, numbers can be used to back any line of thinking, but what makes these books great is the way they connect the dots.

The second book is titled Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America by Senator Jim Webb (D) Virginia.  It also is a very good read, and while laying in bed reading it over the last couple of nights a lot of things hit very close to home with me.  I am of Scots-Irish decent, and some of the reasoning Senator Webb uses throughout the book on why the Scot-Irish played such a pivotal role in American History also are reasons why I am involved in politics.  They hated the Elite’s of the North East, the ruling party as it were.  They didn’t trust big government but were/are the most patriotic in the country.  There are certain passages that I want to highlight and then send the book to Senator Webb’s office, as they are so instrumental in what is going on today.  In fact, they were instrumental in why the Democrats lost the election last night in Massachusetts.  It was nice to see Senator Webb was one of the first ones to come out and say that the Senate should delay any further votes on Healthcare until Senator Elect Brown could be seated.

My wife bought me Game Change, and I will begin to read it tonight and report back on it in a future post.


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