Trying to catch up at the office after a month of being gone isn’t as easy as it sounded. Besides battling the huge amount of paperwork I am also fighting the need to be outside and away from a computer screen. It takes nearly every ounce of energy I have to just sit at my desk, let alone complete the tasks I have mounting in front of me.

Tonight will be a huge if Scott Brown can pull out a win in Massachusetts. I’ll be in front of my TV watching election returns along with every other political obsessed person in the country. Giovanni let me know through email that he is going door to door in Keller this week, so if he knocks on your door, invite him in and offer him some time to tell you why you should vote for him instead of the retired Rodeo Queen.


One response to “Ughhh

  • Randy Leake

    Yes We Can!! Great night for Scott Brown and America. Now is time to turn our attention to state and local officials and see how conservative they really are.

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