As Predicted

Bud Kennedy comes out and says those Tea Party guys are nuts (he even throws out rage in the title) and in turn Giovanni is a nut.  All is great with Vicki Truitt.  Could have seen this a mile away in a snow storm, when will the FWST get a decent columnist to cover NE Tarrant County?

Stuck for a gift idea?Can’t figure out what to give grumpy Uncle Barney or paranoid Aunt Ethel?

Give the gift everybody wants this year.

His or her very own Tea Party.

Everybody in Tarrant County seems to be throwing a Tea Party these days. Apparently, you just call yourself an Official Tea Party and then tell your neighbors to trust everything you post on Facebook.

Southlake alone has almost as many Tea Party groups as it has Starbucks stands.

This is important, because voting in the party primaries — which decides most Texas state and local offices — starts in nine weeks.

Tarrant County alone has at least four Tea Party-related factions (originally “Taxed Enough Already”), from Glenn Beck and Ron Paul libertarians to religious conservatives. There’s even one group of Confederate separatists.

The debate in Northeast Tarrant County isn’t over whether to split North and South. It’s over tea in Southlake.

A new club calling itself the NE Tarrant Tea Party — a subcommittee of the Dallas Tea Party — hosted a candidates forum Tuesday in Southlake to hear state House Rep. Vicki Truitt of Keller and a challenger, Giovanni Capriglione of Southlake.

But the NE Tarrant Tea Party is in no way connected to the Southlake Tea Party, which staged a patriotic rally April 15.

“I don’t know who this new group is,” said businessman Dick Morgan, founder of the Southlake Tea Party.

“I know who Vicki Truitt is. She stands for a lot of the things that I believe in and support.”

Tarrant County is already led by conservative Republican incumbents.

According to its Web site, the Dallas group’s goal is to retire incumbents.

Capriglione, 36, is a private equity professional who voted for Ron Paul in the party primary last year. He mostly criticizes Truitt for supporting a local-option vote to raise taxes and fees for better regional transportation.

Capriglione hosted a “Boiling Point Tea Party” last month in Keller.

In other words, any campaign rally is now a Tea Party.

At the Southlake forum, Capriglione stirred paranoia by predicting a secret transit tax election: “It will not be on a regular day and you won’t be told about it. The Star-Telegram is not going to tell you about it.”

By phone Thursday, he said he simply meant that the election won’t get much attention. “These scheme artists prey on people,” he said.

Truitt sees a different scheme.

“A lot of Tea Party people are genuinely concerned — they’re angry at what they see in Washington,” she said.

“But right now, they’re being manipulated, and they don’t see it yet.”

There’s a Tea Party born every minute.


12 responses to “As Predicted

  • Randy Rasp

    The only reason I subscribe to the FWST is the Press Pass, and even that’s losing value to me since Up N Smoke stopped honoring the card.

  • Randy Leake

    Bud Kennedy had an excellent column on the UT Coaches pay yesterday. If you have not read it every taxpayer should.

  • Jim Carson

    Randy, I presume you’re angry about Mack’s $5 million dollar salary.

    I have two questions for you: 1) How much value do you think Mack Brown provides, and 2) what is the maximum amount you would pay him?

    (This is just an intellectual exercise. I am not a Texas fan, nor do I presume that $5 million is proper.)

  • Randy Leake

    My son goes to Texas and I pay all tuitions and expenses without any government help. I think it is absurb our state elected officials claim they are conservative when tuitions and state employee’s pay continue to sky rocket in these times. We want to punish the private sector for their CEO salaries/bonuses but nothing is said when we pay someone from the public sector the same compensation salary. Honestly, I think $500,00 a year plus bonuses for conference/national titles not exceeding $250,000 is plentiful but that is my opinion.
    I just don’t want Vicki Truitt claiming she is conservative when tuitions and these type salaries continiue to get out of control and she does nothing.

  • Jim Carson


    Let’s say Mack Brown makes $5 million and goes 13-0, which leads to alumni contributing $100 million, half of which goes to academics.

    Let’s further say that we can alternatively hire some other coach at $500,000 who goes 10-3, which leads to alumni contributing only $75 million.

    Do you still want to deny Mack Brown his current salary? (My speculative numbers are very reasonable. If anything disappoints you, Randy, it should be your fellow alumni’s values.)

  • Jim Carson

    …and you didn’t answer my first question, regarding how much value Mack Brown adds to UT.

    I don’t know the answer either, but I am dead certain that UT’s football program produces far more than it consumes. In fact, if it’s like most universities, it pays for all other collegiate sports, with plenty to spare for academia.

  • Randy Leake

    Question Jim, if donations are that much and a school has 100 of millions if not billions in endowments etc. Why should tuition increase at all and why should tax payers be funding any raises and retirements. Let the private sector pay the net worth thru donations.
    Hard to say how much value he adds or takes away. I think he is a great coach but not at $ 5million a year. That is pure greed.

  • Jim Carson

    Why should tuition increase at all and why should taxpayers be funding any raises and retirements?

    As previously discussed, the answer is monopoly. The university powers-that-be control 100% of the higher education money and 100% of the prestige conferred by their institutions. They increase tuition because they CAN. Any attempt by Vicki Truitt or anyone else to suggest that these educrats could do more with less will be demagogued as anti-intellectual, lowbrow, or downright Palinesque.

    I feel for you, but your tuition problem is not Vicki Truitt or anyone in state government. The problem is you and me, in the way we treat a UT diploma with unwarranted prestige.

  • RandyLeake

    Well it is time to take back the control of the powers to be. That is what I want .I will vote for those will fight to do that. I just hate for people that hide behind conservative labels but continue to support increase spending, fees, tolls, and taxes.

  • Jim Carson

    It’s worse than I thought. UT Austin has over $7 billion in endowments. That’s over $144,000 per student!

  • Randy Leake

    WOW!! Nice chunk of change!

  • Randy Leake

    Tuition rates in Texas have risen 69% from 2003 to 2008. Where is the conservative leadership from local representatives that they claim to be when it comes to this? Jim during this time period UT has been to 4 BCS Bowls including 2 National Championship Games. It appears to me the impact by a coach has nothing to do with offsetting expenditures. Instead they spend more.

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