Giovanni Speaks….

And I listen.  After Randy and I went back and forth a little in the comments of my previous post, I sent off an email to Giovanni and he responded with the following comment on the blog.

Hi there,
   You are right Randy; my job is to get the message out. I have sent out thousands of postcards, visited hundreds of likely voters at home, and so on, and the website is going through its hopefully last and best incarnation. I have been to dozens of Republican / Tea Party / 912 club events in the past few weeks – and one debate.

I have a great group of supporters and we have been working with volunteers. But the reality is that the district is large, and so we need more help.

My focus is on a smaller government, one that is limited not by whatever it can borrow and raise, but on metrics tied to population+inflation, constitutional authority, and vital need. 

We need to promote personal responsibility over nanny state governance. We have to talk about tort reform because of the fear of crushing liabilities – not just in the medical field. 

I believe that politicians can’t stand up to special interest groups because they need them for reelection.  Now that I have spent months researching voting records, the lines are easily drawn between PAC contributions and how items live and die in committee.

Votes up OR down, should list potential conflicts of interest. Our representatives should release their personal tax records to the public. The appearance of conflict destroys the morale of the voter.

I think term limits are a bad idea whose time may have come.  At the same time, the responsible party is apathy – and my goal is to educate voters, even if it means offending incumbents – and entrenched special interests.

I am for the strongest property rights – I try and think about what it would mean for me to have to give up my home for a new stadium, or even, a road. 

I believe that a local election is bad, not _just_ because it is a tax, but because we are not looking at the problem of diversion.
I am pro-life and something I look forward to the most in this campaign is having pro-life coffees.

Voters want their representatives to be accessible all the time (blogs facebook). This is an important customer service job.  All material, including responses to voters, should be easily and freely accessible. Anytime a question is asked it should go on a public “ticket” so voters know the Representatives response time. And the answers should be public as well.

We should not use taxpayer money to fund taxpayer lobbyists – the thought itself seems anti-democratic. Thomas Jefferson: “To compel a man to furnish contributions for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”  How true, and it is happening here – in our cities – right now.

There is a lot of data to share with the public – because no one else has. Yet the challenge is the 30 second sound bite attention span. I can do all of this just because I registered as a candidate.  I feel that this is my civic duty.  I am working hard for this opportunity, but I don’t want this job, as much as incumbents need it.

I have a Physics degree, an MBA in Finance, I have designed semiconductor chips and I have invested in small businesses.  And late at night on Tuesday we were all at a Tea Party meeting in a small school building discussing federal and state issues – to me a genuinely American moment – and one paid for by the lives and wills of many.

I did speak with Bud Kennedy earlier today and I can see uglier side of politics. His agenda was clearly my opponent’s. It is hard to argue with a liberal-mind over why my opponent’s mandatory healthcare program is bad in principle – when he is ok with the federal version. He did not want the detail of why the event was not allowed to be video taped. He had his agenda, and that is ok. I have mine: Truth, working hard, and irritating the establishment.

I have pledged not to raise taxes and to support the GOP platform (which is a great conservative document, if only our politicians would read it).

Sorry for the long message but I appreciate the platform and I am available for coffee.
Take care,

So Randy, should we invite him to coffee one morning with Big Bob?


6 responses to “Giovanni Speaks….

  • Randy Leake

    Thank you so much for your response. I truly have a clear understanding now of who you are. I wouldn’t worry too much about Bud Kennedy’s endorsement. Like I said before his endorsement will hurt her and you will benefit. If he choses to go after your value system which so people many share in this district you will benefit as well.
    My suggestion is stick to the issues and take the high road when challenging your opponent. In my opinion her values have shifted from what they were when she was first elected.

    Doug it would be an honor if he joined us for coffee. Let’s do this after the holidays!

  • Jim Carson

    I don’t remember when Vicki was first elected, but I’d be astounded if she ever held any limited government convictions.

  • Doug Miller

    Jim, I was wondering when you would show up for the conversation.

  • Randy Leake

    Question to Giovanni: What is your position on rising college tuitiion rates and how to correct them? In this morning’s Star Telegram there is an article about the rising rates are a result because of bad times. They have been rising above inflation for over a decade now even in the good times. I don’t want someone who is only interested in naming a city Christmas capitol of Texas or this person is meterologist of the year etc. I have seen our current elected officials results on this. What are you going to do to stop this rise and reduce the cost. FYI, I notice the football coach is now making over $ 5 million a year at the University of Texas. Things can’t be that bad.

  • Jim Carson


    Monopoly is, as monopoly does. (With apologies to Forrest, Forrest Gump).

    That our K-12 education produces functionally illiterate graduates who must undergo remedial education at a university is just gravy for the educrats.

  • Randy Leake

    Jim you do owe Forrest an apology. It really frustrates me to watch these state’s cost go up for education 5-7% each year in tuition alone and elected officials never say a word. If they think people are just frustrated at the Washington level they are going to be in for a surprise this year.

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