This makes me ANGRY

From the FWST Foul Territory Blog:

A baseball official swears this happened recently. The Rangers, the official insists, offered right-hander Neftali Feliz and first baseman Justin Smoak to Florida for right-hander Josh Johnson. The top two Rangers prospects, arguably, for a young, arbitration-eligible All-Star. The official thought the Rangers should have offered more, but also said that the Feliz-Smoak offer tells him that the Rangers think they can win the next two seasons.

Idiotic….plain and simple.  While Josh Johnson is a stud, Feliz showed what amazing stuff he had last season.  If the Rangers trade him, I will be a little bit more than upset.  I may quit wearing my Ranger hat and move on….

There was also some rumblings about Nolen Ryan quitting the club, I’ll try to post on my anger on that later.


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