Giovanni Capriglione on Last Night’s Debate

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I missed the debate between former rodeo queen Vicki Truitt and challenger Giovanni Capriglione last night due to the fact I was in route back from Kansas City.  When I asked him on his Facebook page for a recap, here was his responses…pretty clever if you ask me.

Well, I am not sure how to do it without making it appear completely self serving! So I’ll just post the only tweets I can find on it – and provide biased documentary. Let’s say, “heated” might be a good word.

@budkennedy@ Keller Republican Vicki Truitt opens TXHouse debate by criticizing “self-serving jerks” backing Giovanni Capriglione; photos, video banned

(Gio: So step one, insult)

@mqsullivan: getting pretty vocal here isn’t it at NE Tarrant County Tea Party forum w/, State Rep Vicki Truitt & challenger Giovanni Ca …

(Gio: understatement…)

@mqsullivan@ Funniest moment at #teaparty forum tonight was State Rep Truitt having to silence her husband from stage w throat-slice gesture.

(Gio: No Comment!)

@budkennedy@ At forum, Southlake R Capriglione says it’s a “disgrace how cities–Fort Worth–hide illegal immigrants.” Some hide at jobs in Southlake

(Gio: I was responding to a comment about Fort Worth)

@budkennedy@ Toughest task of the night: trying to fit anything else into a 140-character tweet about Southlake Republican Giovanni Capriglione

(Gio: This was actually pretty funny)

I can post what my prepared speeches were, but I must admit, I can’t guarantee I stuck to it. No videos were allowed by request of my public official opponent.

I imagine since Bud Kennedy was there, he will do a column on the debate.  Seeing how Bud will spin things to favor Truitt will be interesting.


12 responses to “Giovanni Capriglione on Last Night’s Debate

  • B Miller

    Agree, that was a very clever response to your question.

  • Randy Leake

    Doug I have not been keeping us with this so far but why do you think Bud Kennedy will do a column bashing Giovanni and instead of being fair and balanced? I bet you are wrong on his upcoming article. If I was Truitt I wouldn’t want his liberal slant supporting her if this is the case. I haven’t seen much on Giovanni to make a determination of support one way or another.

  • Doug Miller


    Bud Kennedy fair and balanced? Did someone steal your login?

    I have made it pretty clear that I don’t like our current state rep. She’s a nanny state Republican and hasn’t seen a toll or tax she doesn’t like.

    I go with the old Cold War axiom, The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend when it comes to Giovanni. I don’t know a lot about him except he’s not Vicki Truitt.

  • Randy Leake

    I agree with you on Truitt. She was elected on conservative principles but know doubt she has abandoned those. She has swung very liberal to the left on spending our tax dollars that I cannot argue with you. I am very disappointed in her direction and actions but the facts speak for themselves. My point is Giovanni will have to get his message out quickly and point out why he would be different than where she stands now. I vote but don’t know enough about him to make a fair decision

    No one stole my login. Bud represents the far left and he doesn’t hide from that. If his article truly supports Truitt and does a hatchet job on Giovanni I think you will see a huge group abandon her as supporters and turn to Giovanni if he has convervative principles.

  • Doug Miller

    Part of the problem in not getting Giovanni’s message out lays at my feet as I have been trying to find the time to interview him for the blog. I believe him to be very sound in his conservative beliefs.

    Maybe we can get him to come by Starbucks one morning for coffee.

  • Doug Miller

    As far as Bud Kennedy goes, I have no doubt he will write something supportive of Truitt.

    I may be wrong and will buy a round next time out if I am.

  • Giovanni Capriglione

    Hi there,
    You are right Randy; my job is to get the message out. I have sent out thousands of postcards, visited hundreds of likely voters at home, and so on, and the website is going through its hopefully last and best incarnation. I have been to dozens of Republican / Tea Party / 912 club events in the past few weeks – and one debate.

    I have a great group of supporters and we have been working with volunteers. But the reality is that the district is large, and so we need more help.

    My focus is on a smaller government, one that is limited not by whatever it can borrow and raise, but on metrics tied to population+inflation, constitutional authority, and vital need.

    We need to promote personal responsibility over nanny state governance. We have to talk about tort reform because of the fear of crushing liabilities – not just in the medical field.

    I believe that politicians can’t stand up to special interest groups because they need them for reelection. Now that I have spent months researching voting records, the lines are easily drawn between PAC contributions and how items live and die in committee.

    Votes up OR down, should list potential conflicts of interest. Our representatives should release their personal tax records to the public. The appearance of conflict destroys the morale of the voter.

    I think term limits are a bad idea whose time may have come. At the same time, the responsible party is apathy – and my goal is to educate voters, even if it means offending incumbents – and entrenched special interests.

    I am for the strongest property rights – I try and think about what it would mean for me to have to give up my home for a new stadium, or even, a road.

    I believe that a local election is bad, not _just_ because it is a tax, but because we are not looking at the problem of diversion.

    I am pro-life and something I look forward to the most in this campaign is having pro-life coffees.

    Voters want their representatives to be accessible all the time (blogs facebook). This is an important customer service job. All material, including responses to voters, should be easily and freely accessible. Anytime a question is asked it should go on a public “ticket” so voters know the Representatives response time. And the answers should be public as well.

    We should not use taxpayer money to fund taxpayer lobbyists – the thought itself seems anti-democratic. Thomas Jefferson: “To compel a man to furnish contributions for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” How true, and it is happening here – in our cities – right now.

    There is a lot of data to share with the public – because no one else has. Yet the challenge is the 30 second sound bite attention span. I can do all of this just because I registered as a candidate. I feel that this is my civic duty. I am working hard for this opportunity, but I don’t want this job, as much as incumbents need it.

    I have a Physics degree, an MBA in Finance, I have designed semiconductor chips and I have invested in small businesses. And late at night on Tuesday we were all at a Tea Party meeting in a small school building discussing federal and state issues – to me a genuinely American moment – and one paid for by the lives and wills of many.

    I did speak with Bud Kennedy earlier today and I can see uglier side of politics. His agenda was clearly my opponent’s. It is hard to argue with a liberal-mind over why my opponent’s mandatory healthcare program is bad in principle – when he is ok with the federal version. He did not want the detail of why the event was not allowed to be video taped. He had his agenda, and that is ok. I have mine: Truth, working hard, and irritating the establishment.

    I have pledged not to raise taxes and to support the GOP platform (which is a great conservative document, if only our politicians would read it).

    Sorry for the long message but I appreciate the platform and I am available for coffee.
    Take care,

  • Gene Morgan

    Where will Texas get the funds to improve, expand & repair our State highways and transportation options?
    Gene Morgan

  • Giovanni Capriglione

    Hi Gene,

    My summary answer: from the taxes we already pay. Revenue from gas sales is being diverted to other programs. Local sales tax can already be used for transportation projects.

    I ran a survey in September and most district residents do list transportation as a top issue. If transportation is a priority than we need to work hard on allocating our current resources to roads. What we shouldn’t do, is work hard at finding new ways to tax citizens.

    Right now, many transportation projects are already funded, so we are going to get what we asked for: years of congestion.

    Here’s a good source of info:

    Giovanni Capriglione

  • Randy Leake

    I like the position no more taxes on top of current taxes leading to more spending. The revenue this state is generating in ample enough to address transportation issues. It is a question of allocation.

    I like Senator Hutchison’s position on auditing at the top TX Dot and start there on the allocation of monies. Nothing is free and I think we are kidding ourselves to think other wise. I would challenge TX Dot on the contracts and what the specs are for example do we need cameras everywhere now because that adds more people on payroll to monitor etc, and the priorities to make sure is this how we want to spend the monies.

    Although I have not made up my mind on who to support it does appear to me our current elected official is happy with the status quo.

  • Jim Carson

    Slimeball/Airhead/Kook. Those are my options. So far, I’m sticking with the slimeball.

    I don’t think it’s accurate to say the slimeball is happy with the status quo. He tried to get a road built, but did it in a ham-handed way. Airhead’s ads are unfair–building roads is one of the very few legitimate uses of eminent domain (government taking private land).

  • Randy Leake

    Jim I was referring to the Truitt race when referring to local officials and the status quo . I have been very dissapointed with her now the last 4 years.
    In the governor’s race I am supporting Rick Perry. Kay does have some valid points that should be considered when it comes to how to pay for new construction but in no way would I ever support her for governor. I hate it when she refers to my friends across the aisle. They are no friends I would want.

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