Steve Buechelle to Manage Frisco

With the hellish week I had, I missed this HUGE news.  Steve Buecheel will manage the Rangers AA Team in Frisco.

Perhaps the biggest actual news to come out of the Rangers’ pre-winter meetings press briefing is that former Ranger Steve Buechele is moving up the ladder in the minor league system.

After just one year of professional managing, Buechele is moving from Class A Bakersfield to Double-A Frisco, perhaps the key managerial post in the minor league system.

Buechele said that managing is now in his blood and that he wants to manage in the major leagues.

“This is something that I enjoy doing,” he said. “I had as much fun going to the ballpark every day this year as any year when I was playing. The years at home were great and afforded me a lot of opportunities, but baseball is what I do. This opened my eyes to what people have told me ever since I stopped playing – and that was that at some point I was going to get back into the game.”

Most of the minor league managing and coaching positions have been filled. Bobby Jones returns at Triple-A Oklahoma City. Bakersfield remains open for the time being. Bill Richardson moves up from rookie level Arizona to Class A Hickory. Tim Hulett returns at rookie-level Spokane and former Ranger minor leaguer Jayce Tingler goes from the Dominican Summer League to the Arizona Rookie League.

Mike Micucci moves from Frisco manager to the role of minor league field coordinator. It was a position the Rangers didn’t have last season.

Buechelle is a friend from years ago as his son Garrett played with Nicholas for a number of summers.  You could tell Steve loved to teach baseball back then, he would sit there and throw BP for seemingly hours to the boys before games.  He is also a very good story teller, some of his stories I could probably repeat in public.  I know that at one time he was working his way to become a broadcaster, putting time in on FSSW doing fill ins on the Rangers post games and doing some Rough Rider color.  I think that got sidetracked by him wearing some of the most god awful suits I’ve seen this side of Michael Irvin. 

His son is playing at OU after walking on his freshman year.  When Garrett, Mike Marshall and Nicholas were out at Stanford, Steve made the comment that when he played there (with his best friend John Elway) back in the day, that the field didn’t have lights.  When he signed his first big contract he wrote a check so they could install lights at his alma mata.

Just a good, good guy and a guy that when I had season tickets back in the day, was my favorite player.  Our seats were right by the third base dugout so we got a closeup view of his play every night.  I still remember the BOOOOO’s going up in the stand when he came up to bat.  I wish him the best~


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