Music Quick Hits

Lots of shows coming to town that I want to go see, but will have to prioritize them as there is so many. 

Starting out next weekend Cory Morrow is back in town playing at the Granada on the 12th. 

The same night Stoney LaRue is at Billy Bob’s.

The weekend of the 18/19th at Billy Bob’s brings Randy Rogers Band and Cross Canadian Ragweed.  I have yet to see Randy Rogers and will be there if all the stars align.

Jack Ingram is at Billy Bob’s on the 2nd of January and Pat Green shows up on the 6th of February.  I’ll definately be at both of those shows.  Support your Texas Music scene by getting out and seeing a show.  You won’t be disappointed with any of the artists I’ve talked about in this post and as the cliche goes, tickets are currently on sale.

Randy Rogers Band singing a song that seems relevant.  The first few lines:

All the leaves have turned to rust
The air is getting thin 
I can see my breath
The night is rollin’ in
The skys grey it’s cold as a stone
It’s just the kind of day i cant stand to be alone


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