Missing Baseball

Even though I spent pretty much the whole weekend watching Football either in person or on TV (and how about that game last night?  The Saints are the real deal), I am at the office today and come across this post showing the Three Most Valuable Ranger Hits from 2009 and watching the videos reminds me how much I miss the Great Game this time of year.  We should start seeing the schedules come out soon for the Indians season, and I will anxiously await for the first scrimmage, usually at Arlington Martin. 

Haven’t been able to find any Winter League games on TV, but I have been watching some replays of some great games on MLB Network.  I am also considering for the first time in nearly a decade of going in on a season ticket package with a couple of buddies that have a PSL at the Ballpark.  If, and only if the Rangers get a new owner.



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