Observations from This Weekend

We had a great time in our quest to see two College Football games Saturday.  Having never been to Amon Carter Stadium before I chose to park by the baseball field and walk the mile or so to the football field.  The Stadium really is in need of some more concession stands and more bathrooms.  The lines for both were very long on the visitor side throughout the game.  If TCU is to be a ranked team every year, they will need to put a little more money into the place they play.

Traffic wasn’t horrible getting into TCU, but it did take some time.  I-30 was backed up before the University Drive Exit at 10:30 with a 12pm kickoff, and even though I knew better, I exited University and went through campus.  I should have went west of campus on 30 and come in from that direction.

The crowd at TCU was older and I think we were one of only a handful of people not in purple from head to toe (I was in my Tech Red Raider gear(actually Texas Ranger, but it was red)). 

Cowboys Stadium is as good as they say it is.  Even though I’ve been to the stadium for a George Strait concert, it was my first visit for a football game.  Traffic at 3:30pm for a 5:00pm kickoff was non existant.  Parked easily at a Rangers parking lot and found our buddies tailgate party with ease.  Even though I scored tickets on the 50 yard line 8 rows up for my Uncle and Son, I was relegated to the 400 level upper deck.  They were still good seats and the replays on the Jerry Tron made for a great experience. 

I think I will be making the trek out to Amon Carter a bit more in the years to come, they really do have a good program and a bunch of friendly fans.


2 responses to “Observations from This Weekend

  • B Miller

    How great of you to give the good seats to Nicholas and Ken. Your Grandfather would be very proud of you.

  • Doug Miller

    I took care of your baby brother and oldest grandson. Believe me, I grumbled from time to time when I realized I could be sitting down there, but decided the trip was for Kenny’s benifit and Nicholas did a great job keeping him company.

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