Rangers Ownership Roundup

You can read TR Sullivan’s roundup of the groups competing to be the next owners of the Rangers here, but the final paragraphs are the most important:

For all the public relations postering, it’s not going to matter what Hall of Famer is in your ownership group, how much baseball you’ve played in your life, how close you are with Bud Selig or how many friends you have in the media.

Understand this: it’s all about paying off the debt accumulated by Hicks Sports Group. That’s why the team is for sale, that’s what the New York banks are interested in and that’s also what concerns Major League Baseball above everything else. Hicks wouldn’t be selling if not for the oppressive debt.

The proposal that best addresses that situation is the one that will like get accepted. All other considerations take a back-seat to that single stipulation.

This is ultimately a business transaction. Answers should come by New Years Day…Spring Training at the latest. People want this thing done.


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