Maybe I Was To Hard on Him

I didn’t pull a lot of punches when former Assistant City Manager Kevin Lahner was promoted to Interim City Manager a couple of years ago, but it seemed he was part of the problem rather than part of the solution.  I’m perfectly happy with the new City Manager and both assistants, but when doing a Google Search to see what Kevin was up to I came across this article from a couple of weeks ago:

In the City of Burlington, officials froze all non-union salaries and froze or decreased operations spending, according to City Administrator Kevin Lahner.

This, as well as a combination of other things – including a slight increase in property values, a lower-than-expected jump in health care costs – helped keep the overall levy increase pretty low and allowed officials to reduce the tax rate by 3 cents.

If you read the whole article, it appears that Burlington was the only city not to increase taxes.  There could be a lot of other issues for that, but I tip my hat to Kevin and continue to wish him the best in his endeavors.


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