Brentwood Estates Homeowners Get a Win….For Now

A followup from Frank Flanagan’s argument in the comments the other day:

At a recent school board meeting, parents and residents from the Brentwood Estates subdivision complained about a proposal to move their children from a school that they can see from their homes to one nearly two miles away.

The residents said they want their children to continue to attend Hidden Lakes Elementary rather than Shady Grove Elementary.

District officials have agreed to take a second look at the proposal. The neighborhood, which has about 22 elementary-age children, was to change attendance zones because Hidden Lakes needs more space to start a full-day kindergarten program next school year, said Jeff Baker, director of planning, development and security.


Keller school board President Cindy Lotton said she is not aware of any such commitment not to change the neighborhood’s attendance boundaries.

And if there were any agreements, say…before Ms. Lotton was on the School Board (editors note:  Can you believe I supported her and had a sign in my yard?),  you can bet it doesn’t count.  Everybody repeat after me…..if the Super Superintendent says its so… is so.  ‘

We have always been at war with Eastasia.


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