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A little birdie emailed me over the weekend some information about who is interviewing for selection to the Charter Committee…..the list as it was sent to me included the following names:

  • Julie Tandy
  • Steve Trine
  • Jim Carson
  • Jim Baldalamenti

Apparently there are nine people total interviewing for the positions.  I know I have personally asked a few people to apply and didn’t apply myself as I knew my chance of getting selected were between slim and none.  I hope that the selection committee keeps an open mind during the selection process and pick the best people for the job rather than the most politically connected. 

It will be telling if the above list is true, if they pick Tandy, Trine or Baldalamenti, whether they will recognize that they will have to put Carson on the committee to make sure it doesn’t appear to look like they are stacking the committee with their political cronies?  Remember, this is just a committee to look at changes to the Charter that then have to go in front of the voters for approval, if those changes have a hint of being politically motivated for one side or the other you will have a serious backlash and the amendments won’t pass. 

This committee needs not only to be apolitical but any hint of impropriety will sink their efforts before it begins.   

Again, for those that reading comprehension skills may be in need of improvement, I don’t know if these four peoples names are actually on the list (I plan on asking for the full list tomorrow) but since they are all former elected officials in Keller, it would not suprise me one bit.  I’m sure Jim Carson will be here shortly to confirm or deny his name being on the list.




5 responses to “Charter Committee

  • Jim Carson

    I can confirm that Julie Tandy and I are both applicants. Although it may not be set, I think they’re looking for three candidates. (the rest of the committee will be council members, the city attorney and city staff.)

  • Randy Leake

    I have faith in the majority of this council will appoint people that will be objective, fair and don’t have a hidden political agendas. Sources tell me Tandy and her gang have 2 votes but not a majority to appoint all of them. This is a recommending body that will present their findings to the council. The council will make their changes and will then the charter changes will be brought to the voters. So far I like how they are proceeding with this process with a combination of at large citizens council members, city attorney and city staff.

    I agree if you appoint Tandy after she and Trine tried hoodwinking us with the Library issue vote then Jim Carson should be appointed as well to give another view point.

    Give theMayor and Council benefit of the doubt till the appointments are made. They deserve this much as they lead our city thru this process.

  • Jim Carson

    I could be wrong about whether city staff will be involved. Can’t remember.

  • Randy Leake

    I am sure either directly or indirectly they will have input. I don’t think this is bad to use them as an important resource.

  • Doug Miller


    Me give somebody the benifit of the doubt? You know me better than that!

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