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Haven’t had an all music post in a while and I’m burned out on Politics.  Watching WWII in HD on the History Channel has me feeling like all of this is so petty anyways.  They made a statement that in the summer of 1944 that 12,000 US troops were dying every month and the heavy fighting hadn’t even started yet.  Makes you think a little….

Two weeks ago we made the trip to Austin to see AC/DC at the Frank Erwin Center, my tenth time to see them, and probably my last.  Not that they didn’t put on a great show, they did, it’s just I don’t expect them to continue to tour into their 80’s .

Last Friday I got to go see Pat Green, for like my hundredth time and was able to swing tickets to see his preshow at the Hardrock where he put on a small accoustic set.  I will never tire of seeing him perform and the good news of the night was that he has left his record company.  How is that good news?  He will quit trying to sell records and go back to what he was famous for….making great music.  You can tell his ability to sell out any venue in Texas is waning, as the AAC wasn’t even half full Friday night for the Stampede and the Concert.  I think he sees the writing on the wall, go back to your roots.

Tomorrow night Cory Morrow is at Billy Bobs and again, either it’s the economy or the fact that Cory’s latest CD wasn’t up to snuff, but he announced the other day that they are selling two for one tickets for his show.  If you haven’t seen him, he’s well worth the price of admission.

On a final note, I’ve noticed that another Texas Country artist had one of his songs picked up by a Nashville act.  Kevin Fowler’s “Long Line of Losers” was covered by Montgomery Gentry and while they did a decent job of it the original version is better.  Kevin is also in town on the 10th of December playing at Hank’s in McKinney. 

The song has a little more truth to it for me than I care to admit.


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