How Much Did It Cost for Keller to Play at Jerry World?

$7,500 minus half of their half of the ticket sales.  Clear as mud?  If not, read this article at the DMN. 

I think the $7,500 is more than the district spends on baseball for a whole season.  (not quite, but closer than you think)



5 responses to “How Much Did It Cost for Keller to Play at Jerry World?

  • easterwood

    This is why I do not take anyone serious in school boards that talk about cutting spending. Sorry to say, but this is a waste of money. People need to accept the facts that eventually we will have to take a hard look at school sports and the money that goes to them. Can it be spent some where better, or do we need the brand new shiny multi-million dollar stadium. High school football has become an excess in Texas. I think people would rather cut a few teachers than to scale down high school football around here.

  • Frank Flanagan

    Does anyone know what costs are incurred for a home game at KISD? With lighting and security I would imagine it might be a number that surprises all of us. I too see wasteful sprending all the time, but I wonder how much $6,500 (that was the amount I saw in the article for last weekend) compares to the expense of a hosting a game in Keller.

  • Jim Carson

    Don’t know about security, but you can figure 10-15 cents per light per hour. I’d be surprised if gameday electricity at Keller Stadium costs more than a couple hundred bucks.

  • Big Bob

    I think KISD charges $1500 to rent out the stadium for a game night – 6 hours or so. Assuming that would include security, staff, lights and clean-up afterwards. As you may have noticed, KISD stadium hosted a 4A football playoff game Friday evening.

  • Doug Miller

    Frank, the difference is when Keller plays at home we keep all of the gate reciepts.

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