Kay Bailey Over Before it Even Began?

When I went to Chicago this spring I met with a few Republican Hot Shots that were well connected in Washington.  They told me then that they didn’t believe Kay Bailey would run.  I told them she had kind of boxed herself in a corner in the state and that she had to run to save face.

And today from Frontburner this:

Kay Bailey Hutchison’s campaign is falling apart. Her heart is clearly not in it. Yesterday’s Houston ”event“  with Dick Cheney was only the latest in a desultory series. Two-hour delay? Five-minute speech? A crowd of 150?

A FrontBurnerian emails:

Ugh.  She shaved her legs for that? Call me old fashioned, but I’d envisioned a ballroom fundraiser with hundreds of fat cat contributors, anxious to hobnob with the former veep and delivering bundles of checks, regardless of whether she  attended or not.
 Say what you will about Rick Perry (and I tend to say a lot, most of it unflattering), the man is in tune with the temper of the times. Tea parties, secession, Obama is a socialist — it all fits with the mood of his party, especially with the energized base of his party. Hutchison’s only choice was to appeal to the broader public and bring them back into the GOP primary. Instead, she’s tried to endrun Perry on the right (see Monday’s attack on the gas tax). She brings no credibility to that effort — and no passion either. It’s purely a ploy. And against the master of ploys himself, not a very good one.
Hutchison started this little venture as the state’s most popular political figure. After waffling on keeping her Senate seat, and with this disaster of a campaign unfolding around her, I wonder how she’ll end up.

2 responses to “Kay Bailey Over Before it Even Began?

  • Jim Carson

    As I see it, Rick Perry is a crony capitalist. But Kay Bailey Hutchison is just an airhead. Some choice.

    But perhaps I’m wrong about her. Can anyone quote anything thoughtful she’s ever said? All I hear from her are platitudes. Has she taken a courageous stand on anything other than the boondoggle we call Amtrak?

  • Washington Away

    KBH will get beaten like a red-headed stepchild. She is a wishy-washy RINO.

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