Vicki Truitt Challenger Giovanni Capriglione to Hold Local Meet and Greet

Giovanni is holding an open meet and greet all day Friday November 13 at 1205 South White Chapel Blvd in Southlake.  We recieved our first piece of mail from him this weekend, pretty slick piece.  With everything that’s been going on recently in my life, I am still am trying to find time to sit down with him to record a Podcast.  Hopefully things calm down a little and I will find the time in the next week or so. 

You can find out more about Giovanni and his campaign at his website.

What is even better, if you type Vicki Truitt into Google, my post on Giovanni shows up on the first page.  That single posting has been looked at over 1,000 times in the last few weeks so maybe some people are looking for a true conservative to represent us here in NE Tarrant County.  Remember what I posted a few days ago, incumbants will have a tough time in this election cycle.

UPDATE:  Giovanni emails to let us know that while he will be around all day to meet people, he is shooting for a 6:00pm time for a gathering of people.


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