Vicente Padilla Shot Himself

There are just too many spiffy things I could say here, but as to not get myself in any trouble I will say one thing.  Does anybody know if Michael Young was in Nicaragua?

Los Angeles Dodgers right-hander Vicente Padilla was treated for a minor gunshot wound after a hunting accident in Nicaragua on Tuesday, his agent said, according to the Los Angeles Times.


Vicente Padilla

Jeff Lewis/Icon SMIVicente Padilla’s agent says the right-hander was treated and released after sustaining a minor gunshot wound in a hunting accident.


Padilla’s agent, Adam Katz, said the pitcher was grazed in his right thigh by a bullet, sought treatment at a local hospital and was discharged after 30 to 40 minutes, the newspaper reported.

“He’s fine,” Katz said.

The Times said, according to media reports in Nicaragua, that Padilla was injured at a shooting range. At least two reports stated that Padilla, 32, was accidentally shot by a bodyguard who was attempting to fix Padilla’s gun.


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