McGwire to Return to Cardinals

As their hitting coach this time:

La Russa was reintroduced at a news conference at Busch Stadium on Monday, where it was announced that he has agreed to a one-year contract for 2010.

However, La Russa may not have been the biggest story at his own news conference. As the the manager spoke about his decision, he confirmed that Mark McGwire will replace Hal McRae as Cardinals hitting coach.

That will be the only change to La Russa’s staff, as all of the other coaches — including pitching coach Dave Duncan — will return.

“I don’t know how many years I have left to manage, and I wanted to take this opportunity to invite a guy who I think has a very special talent,” La Russa said of McGwire.

Steroids or not, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa save the game that I love from self destruction.  He was my sons favorite player and I still remember where I was when he broke the record.  I also remember attending a preseason game at the Ballpark and standing in left field while McGwire took batting practice, never before or since in my life did I feel in danger as a baseball was headed my way.  My then 9 year old son was standing in front of me with his glove and he wasn’t too thrilled when I ducked down behind him as a line drive headed our way. 



One response to “McGwire to Return to Cardinals

  • BigApple

    If he does get hired, it will be a media circus come spring training. He will need to do an “A-Rod” type press conference explaining his steroid use.
    Great blog…

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