Keller Vs. LD Bell

It was great seeing Keller get to play on TV last night. I continually switched back and forth between the game and the Angels/Yankees on Fox.

On another note, even though the Indians won very ugly last night against LD Bell, the player that still stands out in my mind is number 10 for Bell. That kid has a ton of heart and can really play the game.

This following statement may get me in a lot of trouble, but oh well. At what point does Keller High need to think about a coaching change if they miss the playoffs this year? Does continually playing for a fourth round seed really the best we can do with the talent level we have or had? Is it the coaching, the players or the system? Questions that I hope are being asked at the Athletic Directors office.


8 responses to “Keller Vs. LD Bell

  • The Gipper

    It is a fair question to ask. How does a team like Grapevine who was 0-10 with a program last year beat our system that has been in place for 8 years? Our coach is a good man but so are alot of other coaches who are winning their districts and state championships. We just have to look to the east of Keller to Southlake or the west such as Aledo. We have not won since he killed the team from running thru the Tee Pee a traditional that should be brought back. That backed fired on him.

  • Big Bob

    If Bob DeJong (Keller AD) has any forward vision, he should be making contact with Todd Dodge from UNT who may be on the hot seat at a D1 University but has excelled as a premiere HS coach! Keller could us one!

  • The Gipper

    There is no doubt Big Bob this would be a smart strategic move. When you look at the expenses we are spending on this program I do not see the return at all that we can’t get either spending half this amount or by making a leadership change at the top. Todd Dodge is a fine man and knows how to put a consistent winning program at the High School level. The facts speak for themselves.

  • Frank Flanagan

    I know everyone is enamored with Dodge’s success at SLC, but I am not convinced he comes back to the HS level and is as successful as he was at SLC. Remember he had a very unimpressive loosing record in his three jobs prior to the SLC HC position and Southlake with the one high school district has advantages that KISD & other major urban/suburban districts cannot match. Think how much talent could have been assembled had Keller not constantly been changing attendance boundary lines and growing from one to 4 high schools over the last 13-14 years. Everyone in the DFW area looks at SLC and attempts to mirror that success, but realisticly not many can do that. Euless Trinity in the 2 HS HEB district has come close. When you think about Keller, FB has never been a sport that just oozed success. In the early nineties with that Robert Morris led team that was so successful you only have to look at the redistricting that placed us in the 820 Loop district that watered down the competition with teams like Weatherford and Burleson. Other than that year, Keller has occasionally vied for 2nd & 3rd place and now that 4 teams make the P/Os, they have a shot again. As much as I hate to think it, to me the combination of the talent and the lack of consistent feeder programs will make it tough on any coaching staff. That said, just like leadership at any level, infusion of new blood and new ideas and approaches sometimes can translate to success.

  • Randy Leake

    I think the Gipper, Big Bob and Frank offer valid points on our program. I like Frank’s last statement on new blood and new ideas etc can translate to success. In my opinion I see a program stuck in neutral. Big Bob’s vision of looking at a new Coach such as Coach Dodge should be considered. If I recall when he was at Fossil he beat Southlake which got him the job there. So we know it can be done. The Gipper saying he is a good man is right on but that doesn’t make it a winning program. There are plenty of good men who are great coaches out there too. Most importantly I like the Gipper want that Tee Pee back out there on the field with the team running thru it! What I truly don’t understand is we compete at the Middle School level, Freshman and JV levels with those other schools but lose it at the Varsity Level. that I don’t understand.

  • Doug Miller

    I want the cannon back!

  • Randy Leake

    Doug where would you have the cannon pointed?? Don’t answer that question. I agree. It should be back!

  • Randy Leake

    I want to wish the Keller Indians Good Luck tonight against Fossil Ridge. We need to win this game. It would be exciting to see them playing next Saturday at Cowboy Stadium and seeing them on the Big Screen!! Go Indians!!

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