Is Big Bob Rally Over?

Well, Big Bob thinks so as he’s gone into cash after the DOW reached 10,000.  Me, I’m staying in for now but with tight stops on everything I own.  Google was very very good to me after the close today and if I sold everything at the open I’d be up 16% on the year (at one point I was down 40%, so it’s a big swing).  Could have been a lot better (selling BTE at about half of what it is today and giving up on GE before a break even are two of the biggest mistakes of the year) but it is a lot better than the money that is sitting in a CD right now.

My brokerage fees for the year could make a goat choke, but I’ve learned a lot and have recently negotiated an even better rate on trades.  I’m still very happy with thinkorswim and have been moving other brokerage accounts over to it steadily over the last year.

There are a couple of stocks that I have held long term that I must make a decision on before the end of the year, both are big loosers from a few years ago and I saved them for a Capitol Gains Write Off…. CHINA and STAA, the later being my wifes former employer from six years ago, they could never get their act together.


One response to “Is Big Bob Rally Over?

  • Big Bob

    I think the rally has hit a plateau and will run sideways for the remainder of the year. Commodity prices have leveled off / declined over the past 6 months and energy prices are taking hold. The next big news will be to see how the holiday season will unfold!

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