Monday Morning Musings

This weekend we buried my wife’s Grandmother in San Antonio. She was 94 years young when she passed and had a smile on her face whenever you saw her. She was an eternal optimist, loved her family and her church. She wouldn’t mind telling you that she was a founder of Marshall Baptist Church and the oldest living member. Even though Glaucoma took most of her eyesight years ago, it didn’t stop her from driving to the beauty salon every week to get her hair done. When you would admonish her for it, she would let you know that she could drive the three or so blocks in her sleep. She will be missed.

The Dow is over 9,900 for the first time since early October of last year when the market was going in the opposite direction. Big Bob is emailing his faithful that Dow 10,000 may soon be here, and he may be right as the Dollar continues it’s weakness.

The Indians lost a heartbreaker to Grapevine on Saturday, sounds like their defense was a little soft on the last drive:

The Mustangs controlled the clock, but all of that time of possession would have been wasted if senior quarterback Reed Ryan hadn’t led his team down the field for the game-winning field goal.

Grapevine got the ball back with 41 seconds left at their own 39-yard line. Ryan completed all three of his passes on the drive for 31 yards, getting his team to the Keller 30-yard line with 20 seconds remaining.

Big Bob emails to say that the stadium was packed on Saturday and he stated he wished KHS would play a few more Saturday games.

Giovanni Capriglione emailed me while I was out of town thanking me for linking to his Press Release. We are going to try to get together soon as I think I might bring back the Podcasts with him as my first interview in a while.

We begin the week with this song from Montgomery Gentry reminding us that we are pretty lucky just to be here.


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