Vicki Truitt Gets a Challenger

SOUTHLAKE, TX – Giovanni Capriglione announced his candidacy for the Texas State Representative District 98 seat on Friday, emphasizing his commitment to small government, business development and job creation.

A strong conservative, Capriglione shares the values of the district and promises to provide a stronger tie between residents and their representation in the legislature.

“District 98 residents are under pressure. As the economy falters, taxpayers are sick and tired of hearing about new taxes, levies, penalties, sales tax hikes, fees, and tolls,” Capriglione said. “I think we need representatives that understand that taxes are not sources of revenue for a bloated government, but rather a cost to its struggling citizens.”

Capriglione, 36, has worked for over six years as a private equity/venture capitalist professional in Texas. His responsibilities have included small business investment through private and government regulated funds.

He has led the effort to bring $30 million of small business Federal tax credits to the state. These funds are to be used to provide incentives to invest in Texas communities.

“As we see other states having to mandate higher taxes and fees, accruing significant public debt to shoulder poor budget management, this is a golden opportunity for Texas to become America’s premier business headquarter,” he said. “Texas is uniquely situated to provide U.S. businesses easy access to domestic and international customers as well as a diversity of talent.”

Capriglione hopes to enact changes in the residential property tax appraisal process and work with small businesses hurt by the franchise tax, while taking action to strongly protect citizen’s personal liberties. He is also opposed to most of the contemplated rail systems “doomed to being delayed, over-budget and under-used, paid for by the taxes from our local area,” he said.

Capriglione lives in Southlake with his wife, Elisa, and their three young daughters.


For more information, call (214) 263-5982 or email Mr. Capriglione at He can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter as Giovanni2010.


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