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TR Sullivan has this Recap up.  I’ll post my opinions off to the side of his:


Kevin Millwood – Manager has already said he is the Opening Day pitcher in 2010  Why is he the opening day starter?  Had a great first half, wasn’t the same after the All Star Game
Scott Feldman – What an amazing season.  Agree
Derek Holland – This kid is going to be fine. Can’t wait for his next start.  Needs consistancy to be successful
Tommy Hunter – Tommy, meet Nolan Ryan, the resident conditioning fanatic.  We’ll see
Brandon McCarthy – The Big Tease. He has talent but at what point do the Rangers say uncle?  UNCLE
Matt Harrison – He was pretty good before he got hurt  Agree
Neftali Feliz – The Rangers will try him in the rotation. Bet he makes it  Big decision, rotation or closer?  He could be the next Nolan Ryan or the next Mariano Rivera
Dustin Nippert – His numbers will work every year  Most underrated pitcher on the staff
Guillermo Moscoso – Should be Opening Day pitcher at Oklahoma City  Not so sure


Frank Francisco – Needs warning label: handle with care.  Huh?  Release him
C.J. Wilson – Most Valuable Reliever  Mitch Williams want to be
Darren O’Day – Transaction of the Year  Show him the money
Jason Grilli – Wasn’t the same after he got hurt  One of the reasons we didn’t make the playoffs, Washington kept coming back to Grilli, and he couldn’t perform
Doug Mathis – Can he fill middle relief role?  Wishful thinking
Eddie Guardado – No finer person in baseball  Eddie, have a great time in retirement.  Wish you could have stayed healthy for us.
Pedro Strop – Needs more time. Just not ready  We will never see him in the Majors again.  Waste of a roster spot
Willie Eyre – Taking long road back from injuries 


Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Should still be No. 1 on depth chart  HUH?  Resign Pudge to work with the young pitchers
Ivan Rodriguez – Would you give him $4 million for two years?  See above
Taylor Teagarden – Should have been in Triple A  He hit .200 and has poor defense, maybe Frisco is a better place for him.
Kevin Richardson – He is from Seattle area. He should have started one game this weekend.  My wife’s favorite Ranger this year, she cried when he got the start.  What a great story


Chris Davis – Only one other player is a bigger key for Rangers in 2010.  Keep him away from Rudy
Ian Kinsler – Absolutely nothing wrong with 101 runs and 86 RBI.  Faded after a great start.  Need more consistant production from him
Elvis Andrus – He lived up to it all  And then some. 
Michael Young – Turns out he can still hit…and play third.  And should go to the Hall of Fame
Omar Vizquel – He has one definite vote for the Hall of Fame.  Can still play, might need to see about making a roster spot for the old man next year, or offer him a coaching position.
Esteban German – A nice fifth player if the Rangers had the room  Still raw
Hank Blalock – Hank’s Homies bid you adieu. It was fun while it lasted.  Hank does a lot of things well, but nothing great.  Not worth the money


Josh Hamilton – Obviously the biggest key for the Rangers in 2010  Once a crack head, always a crack head
David Murphy – Forget Rusty Greer all right? Anybody think he can be Paul O’Neill?  No way he will ever be Paul O’Neill.  Think more of hometown boy Hunter Pence
Julio Borbon – Definitely the kind of player the Rangers desperately need  Speed, speed, speed. 
Nelson Cruz – He is a good player. Can he be a great one or is this enough? Has to stay healthy 
Marlon Byrd – Loved watching him tell the rookies to turn off the football game on Sunday and turn on baseball.  In my opinion, the Rangers NEED to sign Byrd. 
Andruw Jones – Next.  Andruw should have been a Hall of Fame player, somewhere in the last couple of years something went horribly wrong
Craig Gentry – Off to Triple A to bide his time. 

TR didn’t address the coaching staff, so I will.

Ron Washington…..got a lot out of his players, but he overmanages games.  I think if the Rangers get off to a slow start, he is gone by June.

Mike Maddux –  Coach of the Year, the pitching was better this year than any year in recent memory

Rudy Jaramillio –  Has wore out his welcome, it’s time for him to go.  When Michael Young gave up on him, he should have been shown the door then.  In the age of no steriods, Rudy has lost his effectiveness.

Johnny Naron –  Why do we need to have a coach that does nothing but baby sit a crack head?


3 responses to “Rangers Recap

  • Shannon

    Josh has made a complete turn around. I believe he is a great player an even better person…role model to those that are/have gone through tough times…there is a light at the end.

  • ticketmouse

    Wow, so jotting off a sacrastic comment after copying someone else’s work makes you Keller’s best blogger? Must be some pretty shallow waters. (Wow, lookie, now I’m a blogger).

    What a waste of 2 minutes!

  • Big Bob


    You sound a little sensitive/thin skinned!! I didn’t see any SAC in the red comments??????

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