Homecoming Parade Update

The weather isn’t looking good for the parade….here is the latest word:


 Because of the overcast skies and possibility of storms, here are the latest and greatest plans.


Because of the overcast skies, we will be losing light faster than anticipated.  That said, we will be starting the parade earlier which means we need to get the word out.  Katie Keyes already had requested that everyone be lined up and ready to go by 6:30pm so we will be starting as close to 6:30pm as possible.  That might mean the parade is starting while we are still lining up people in the back of the line.  We have a plan, but the largest part to be communicated to all involved and the community is the fact that we will be more than likely starting earlier than 7pm.

If we are dealing with a light drizzle, we will proceed as planned.  If we are dealing with rain, we will make a decision about proceeding.  Lightning will cancel the event.

If you have email blasts or other forms of communication that you can utilize to get the word out, that would be great.  You can give out the readers digest version if needed.

 Thanks for your help!  See you tonight!

 Katie Keyes


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