Weren’t We Supposed to be Worried About the Tea Parties?

Wasn’t the Speaker of the House worried about violence from the right?  Where are the Pundits crying foul about the leftists in Pittsburg?

Businesses vandalized during Group of 20 protests were cleaning up broken glass and getting back to work Friday while demonstrators pledging nonviolence planned an afternoon march to protest environmental, health care and other policies.An umbrella group of G-20 protesters had encouraged morning demonstrations at various Pittsburgh businesses, but police said there were no reports of large gatherings or vandalism and downtown Pittsburgh was quiet.

The Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project had targeted more than 80 Pittsburgh businesses that it said symbolize greed and global economic policies, including a dozen or so close to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, where world economic leaders were meeting.

But those businesses were well prepared, either boarded-up and shuttered or protected by fences, razor wire, concrete barriers and a mix of police, private security officers and National Guard troops.


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